Comic Toolkit

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The Comic Toolkit for Procreate is the perfect way to get a taste of the tools that make creating amazing comics and comic book art incredibly easy! The Toolkit contains samples from a few of my more expanded packs to give you a chance to test some of the brushes for a fraction of the price. 

The pack contains:

The ULTIMATE Pencil brush

My fully adaptable, ultimate pencil brush is the ONLY pencil you will ever need in Procreate! The brush is fully pressure sensitive, giving you total control over the weight of the line, and also features TILT SHADING to easily create smooth shading transitions!

Real InkThe most realistic Ink Liner Brush you'll find! Every stroke has small, unique detail to make your line work as realistic looking as possible!

Flat Liner- Similar to the Real Ink Brush, only flat!

Half Tone- A great sample from my HalfTone pack, the HalfTone brush allows you to have total control over the depth of the texture, allowing you to create perfect half tone transitions!

Ink WashA perfect way to get to grips with my INKS Pack, the brush allows you to control the opacity of the ink wash using pen pressure.