Paint Pens for Procreate

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These 8 Paint Pen Brushes for Procreate are fully optimised for Apple Pencil- including Pen Pressure functions, allowing you to control the size, bleed and opacity of the brush!

These Paint Pens are the most realistic you'll find- whether it's for stunning lettering or awesome illustrations- these pens do it all!


The Brushes:

Round- A standard, round-tipped brush for all applications

Drying- A drier version of the 'Round' brush- sometimes a little more texture is all you need!

Dry- Taking the 'Drying' Brush to the extreme!

Loaded- A heavily loaded pen with plenty of pigment.

Chisel- Similar to the 'Round' brush, but better for detailing and edging.

Brush- A much larger size dynamic makes this the perfect Brush Pen.

Square- A large, blocky pen- great for lettering and blocking in texture.

Square Streaky- A messier version of the 'Square' brush.


The Download Includes:

- A brushset containing all of the brushes to be loaded into Procreate
- A PDF guide introducing the brushes and their uses.