Oils for Procreate

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By far the most realistic Oil Painting Brushes you'll find for Procreate! This pack contains 18 amazingly realistic oil painting brushes, fully optimized for pressure and tilt sensitivity. 

This brush pack is perfect for creating smooth and glossy looking oil paintings and illustrations- the brushes are set up to make it INCREDIBLY easy to blend strokes together to create smooth transitions whilst keeping the all important high quality canvas and oil texture!

The pack contains

  • Thick- A heavily loaded bristle brush for applying heavy colour blocks.

  • Canvas Drag- Thick canvas texture which is dragged with the stroke.

  • Canvas Fluff- A soft, square canvas brush perfect for blocking in colour.

  • Opaque- A solid bristle brush with awesome blending functions.

  • Prickle- A spiky looking bristle brush with randomised edges.

  • Turp Scrup- Add a Turpentine scrub effect to your paintings!

  • Smoothie- Super smooth texture!!

  • Edgy- One side is solid and smooth- perfect for edging.

  • Fatty- A much wider brush perfect for filling in backgrounds and large areas of colour. Use Pen Tilt to increase or decrease the size of the brush stroke and Pen Pressure to increate opacity.

  • Heavy Texture- A heavily textured round brush, with a super realistic flow.

  • Super Smooth- A flatter, smoother version of the Brush Smooth, apply a lighter touch to increase bristle definition.

  • Round Smooth- A round, textured brush

  • Round Rough- Still round, now with extra ROUGH!

  • Round Thick- A heavily-loaded, round brush- great for solid shapes.

  • Super Dry- A dry, round brush, great for adding subtle gradients or adding in canvas textures!

  • Detail- A thick detail brush which looses absolutely no definition as you zoom.

  • Rough Detail Similar to the Detail brush- only with much more texture!

  • Oilifier- Turn any photograph into a super convincing oil painting! As easy as it gets!
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