Paint Bundle Sample Pack

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This sample pack contains 6 EXCLUSIVE BRUSHES not included in the full Paint Bundle Pack to give you a true feel of the full pack, meaning you won't have 2 of the same brushes if you give the full pack a try!

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Enjoy my 3 best selling packs for almost half the cost! The bundle contains the three most REALISTIC paint packs you'll find- giving you the ability to mix up your medium for ANY style of illustration and lettering!


Oils for Procreate // 18 Brushes // // By far the most realistic Oil Painting Brushes you'll find for Procreate! This pack contains 18 amazingly realistic oil painting brushes, fully optimised for pressure and tilt sensitivity.

Gouache for Procreate // 19 Brushes // // The most realistic Gouache brushes available for Procreate! This pack contains 19 unique brushes to help you create the best digital gouache paintings! Each brush is fully pressure sensitive, allowing you to control both the size and the opacity of each stroke with ease- all without changing ANY settings!

Watercolour for Procreate // 27 Brushes // // A huge pack of 27 unique Watercolour brushes for Procreate, each designed to reflect and emulate different aspects of REAL Watercolour painting! Including wet brushes, dry brushes, and SUPER REALISTIC wash brushes!

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